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I’m giving 24/7 access to a limited number of small business owners via Whatsapp. 

Brandon Walsh - Agency Co-Founder - Multimillionaire

My name is Brandon, and I’m addicted to digital marketing.  🤯  


I love My Wife, My Kids, Marketing, Jesus & Basketball – not necessarily in that order. 


I’m also the founder of, along with about 400+ other domains and if you stumbled upon this page – good for you. 


I’ve been marketing online for over 15 years now and I’ve made millions and spent millions getting better at it (of my own money).


Without being too pretentious, I can confidently tell you that it’s the one thing I’m excellent at. 


But, here’s the real reason I’m writing to you today. 


It’s because I WANT TO HELP YOU. 


I DO NOT want to build you a website, or design you ads, or create you a funnel. 


I want to HELP YOU to do those things. 



In fact, I want to give 10 business owners (or wannabe business owners) my help via whatsapp for whatever they can afford. 


You can pay whatever you honestly believe my help is worth –  and no more than $499/month. 


You tell me what that number is. 


No upsells, no tricks – you’ll get 24/7 access to me via whatsapp so that I can help you. 


What can I help with?

The key PHrase here IS “HELP YOU”

If you are a small business owner, who wants HELP, who wants someone they can reach 24/7 on whatsapp to get pointed in the right direction. 


Then fill out the form and let’s text each other.  No obligation.  No sales pitch.  No upsells. 


p.s. I have never done this before, and I can, with 100% honesty say that I won’t offer this to more than 10 businesses. I simply don’t have that much time on the calendar. I’m doing this because I LOVE marketing.